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When the world pretty much shut down, it brought a lot of hardships. Lockdowns, performances getting
canceled, the decline in physical and mental health, it all led to a time of deep reflection for singer and
bass player Pieter van den Berkmortel. Musically, he decided to start all over again, from a blank sheet.
His longing for freedom also meant having creative freedom: all styles in music are welcome, there
aren’t any boundaries.

A mix of genres

The result is almost a full U-turn, from Dutch to English to the introduction of synthesizers and drum
computers. But still with the extravagant bass parts which characterized the previous work. While the
older material was often socially critical, themes such as addiction and mental health are now
“The song is about my hate / love relationship with addictive substances, like alcohol or drugs. The song
reflects on what they brought me. In a way they gave me my happiest years: I enjoyed partying while
touring and meeting lots of people in many different places. Now while getting older, I'm more and more
choosing for a stable life, and often think about some bad decisions I made in that period. But at the end
of the day, those decisions made us who we are. The song celebrates this, it enables me to move forward
in life”.