Thank you The Heavy Melody for this nice review:

Dada's Troost unveils their latest emotionally charged electronic rock anthem, "Clear Sky," as the final piece of their upcoming album "Becky Stage Ladder," set to release on May 17, 2024.

"Clear Sky" encapsulates the essence of hope amidst darkness, reflecting a turbulent period in the band's lives. Bassist Pieter van den Berkmortel shares, "During a dark time, we longed for clarity, for a clear sky to emerge."

With fierce vocals, a strong hook, and a surprising 90’s alternative bridge, "Clear Sky" offers a unique blend of electronic and rock elements that is both original and catchy. Dada's Troost's evolution from a bass-focused band to a mature blend of electronic and alternative rock is evident in this powerful track.

Don't miss the release of "Clear Sky" and the album "Becky Stage Ladder" on May 17, 2024, as Dada's Troost continues to push musical boundaries and inspire hope through their music.

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