A note from us on the song:

Pieter on the lyrics: "The story behind the song is about meeting up with an old friend, who was still living the same turbulent life since I last met him, ages ago. I moved on, he didn't. But on the other hand, after spending the afternoon together, which got out of hand, we concluded that most of the people are in fact running a pointless rat race. And that it's not necessarily a bad thing to live slow; he might just better of than me, I thought"

The lyrics screamed for a 90s alternative sound. So the song starts off with a bass & vocal intro, where after the band kicks in with a pixies-like riff, followed by a Red Hot Chili Peppers-like pre-chorus. In contrast with the music, the lead vocals are dark and gloomy, which makes the song very melancholic. The song is recorded and produced by Dada's Troost and Guido Aalbers. Video by Rob Deelen. But again, all DIY :).

This song, finalizes a sequence of three. These three singles have more or less the same theme, and are not picked or ordered randomly: "Visit From A Friend" was pure electro, "Times Of Need" was a tiny bit more rock, but still didn't contain a single guitar riff. This release shows us as a band again. Now we want to concentrate on getting the album out, end-2023



Us during Video shoot: